Major Infrastructure

major infrastructure

At MKA Ecology we offer comprehensive and professional ecological consultancy skills and experience to clients undertaking major infrastructure projects, from road building to lineside works, to pipelines and energy installations (see Renewable Energy).

We are skilled in working as part of multi-disciplinary teams to achieve practical ecological solutions for all types of project, involving land use change. Ideally we would be involved at the earliest stages of your development to identify constraints and opportunities.

Trusted by respected household name organisations, at MKA Ecology we understand the importance of regulatory compliance to our clients and have in place appropriate health and safety and quality standards accreditations. As part of your development team, our ecologists endeavour to keep your development moving without unnecessary delay or cost, keeping you informed and ensuring a smooth navigation of the planning process. In short, our aim is to provide you with cost-effective and sustainable solutions, to minimise delay.

  • We undertake Ecological Impact Assessment and Appropriate Assessment
  • We make licence applications for works involving protected species and liaise with the appropriate regulatory bodies on your behalf
  • We advise site managers and sub-contractors on issues relating to UK wildlife legislation
  • We design and implement specific protected species management plans to use as guidelines during construction and development projects
  • We provide expertise in habitat creation

Through our biodiversity consultancy we also offer advice on enhancement of biodiversity in such schemes.

Project Examples

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Long term monitoring, Habitat Creation and Restoration

Major infrastructure ecology

Thursley Junction A3 – new slip road

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