Ecological Impact Assessment

At MKA Ecology we have considerable experience of a wide range of Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) projects for many sectors at the local, national and international level, including the renewable energy industry and oil and gas developments.

EcIA is the process of identifying, quantifying and evaluating the potential impacts of defined actions on ecosystems or their components. We are also fully trained and competent to advise whether EcIA or preliminary ecological appraisal is the right option for your project.
We are experienced in all aspects of project management from inception, incorporating survey design, data collection, impact assessment, mitigation and the production of concise and successful Environmental Statement chapters and consultation.

Production of Environmental Statements by the MKA Ecology team is undertaken to specific guidelines, including CIEEM’s Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK and Ireland (2016).

Project Examples

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ecological impact assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment

Re-purposing a former quarry

Protected species surveys

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