Historic Buildings And Landscapes

historical buildings

Historic buildings and landscapes can present their own particular challenges and features.

Additional planning controls, increased stakeholder interest and the special features of such buildings and landscapes lend themselves to certain protected species, call for bespoke ecological consultancy. The MKA Ecology team are well versed in assessing in such settings, from cathedrals to ancient churches, manor houses and university colleges and their grounds. Bats are often the most prevalent protected species and our licensed bat specialists advise and support clients where historic buildings and landscapes are involved. We enjoy working within multi-disciplinary teams to achieve practical ecological solutions for such sensitive and special sites. Ideally, we would be involved at the earliest stages of your plans to identify any constraints and opportunities and support you throughout.

Trusted by high profile, publicly scrutinised clients, at MKA Ecology we understand the importance of regulatory compliance and have in place appropriate health and safety and quality standards accreditations. As part of your development team, our ecologists endeavour to keep your plans moving without unnecessary delay or cost. We are mindful of the interest of all stakeholders, ensuring a smooth navigation of the planning process. Through our biodiversity consultancy we also offer advice on enhancement of biodiversity which can be hugely beneficial in these settings.

We offer:

  • Habitat and species-specific surveys
  • Highly specialised input on bats
  • Advice on protected species legislation and nature conservation
  • Ecological input into management plans
  • Training and education on ecology for onsite staff
  • Effective Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) and Appropriate Assessment studies for all species and habitats
  • Design and implementation of mitigation strategies for all protected species
  • Long-term monitoring of mitigation projects to demonstrate success
  • Licence applications for work involving protected species and liaison with regulatory bodies on your behalf.

Project Examples

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