Replacement of existing dwelling with carbon neutral home in biodiversity enhanced gardens

barn conversions

The brief

The client wished to demolish existing buildings while maintaining the roosting bat population and to construct an architect-designed carbon neutral dwelling. The project was to include planting of a new orchard, scattered trees and species-rich hedgerows to capture carbon emissions arising from construction works and beyond as well as the planting of a new species-rich wildflower meadow.

What did we do?

MKA Ecology initially undertook a preliminary ecological appraisal to identify ecological constraints and opportunities. Bat inspections and surveys were indicated and common pipistrelle bats roosting in existing barns required a European protected species licence, which we obtained prior to their demolition. A bat box scheme was proposed to provide for the species. Further mitigation involved suitable timing of the proposed works, exclusion of the bats, supervision of sensitive works by a licensed bat ecologist and a monitoring programme. Bats aside, the site was of low ecological value and opportunities for enhancement were identified and recommended.

What was the outcome for the client?

The client benefitted from efficient and effective delivery of our services, combined with creative solutions. This meant they could factor the ecological requirements into the project master plans, minimising delay and cost whilst enabling sustainable development. The suggested enhancement opportunities for improved biodiversity were embraced and adopted within the scheme, in keeping with the desire to achieve a carbon neutral and sustainable home.

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What our clients said

MKA have consistently been diligent and highly competent advisors. MKA are often engaged at the early stages of our projects to provide professional advice which is integral to the development of our proposals. MKA ensure the importance of considering ecological implications is fully understood to ensure ecological value isn’t comprised. On schemes in which there is an inevitable impact MKA provide pragmatic advice to review if mitigation measures are feasible.

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