Replacement of outdated buildings and tree works at Newnham College Cambridge requiring bat licence and Design and Access Statement

building renovation direction

The brief

Newnham College Cambridge wished to replace a number of outdated buildings and to manage trees in its grounds. Ecological aspects of the planning application required addressing including habitats and protected species, notably bats.

What did we do?

MKA Ecology undertook an initial Phase 1 and protected species scoping survey. The main potential constraint identified was roosting bats, which, following further inspections and nocturnal surveys were found to be roosting in the buildings and trees. An application for a European protected species licence by MKA Ecology was successful. It required exclusion of bats from existing roosts and installation of alternative roosting sites prior to construction work. MKA Ecology’s licensed bat workers undertook the exclusion and advised on the installation of suitable bat roost boxes. Monitoring the bat population post-construction was also required, to be undertaken by licensed bat workers.

What was the outcome for the client?

Early involvement of MKA Ecology ensured that the client’s plans proceeded smoothly and without unnecessary delay or cost. Fully compliant with wildlife protection legislation, the development proposed was successfully delivered, whilst maintaining the bat population.

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What our clients said

Our team have worked with MKA Ecology over many years on a wide range of development projects across a wide range of sectors. Their expertise and professional commitment to projects has a been a vital component part of the development process and we continue to value their wise counsel in sometimes challenging ecological circumstances.

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