Biodiversity Audit

habitat and wild flower survey

Whatever your motivation, the team at MKA Ecology can help you to improve and increase biodiversity opportunities.

You may wish to enhance the wellbeing of your staff or visitors by increasing or adapting the use of green spaces. You may aim to address your social responsibility as a corporate entity by providing greater facilities for the habitats and wildlife of the UK. Use of herbicides and pesticides may be of concern to you and your stakeholders and you may wish to find alternative ways of managing your grounds.

Some examples are:

  • Adding green roofs or walls to existing buildings
  • Creating a wildlife pond or series of ponds
  • Planting emblematic flowers to support a charitable cause
  • Planting insect friendly flowering plants and shrubs
  • Installing bird feeding stations and nesting boxes in your grounds
  • Installing bat boxes and using bat friendly lighting schemes
  • Creation of dead wood log piles for insects and reptiles
  • Installation of insect “hotels”
  • Managing habitats for wildlife

We bring together some or all of these elements into a bespoke management plan for your site and work with you and your stakeholders to deliver a management plan which is practical, costed and timed.

Not only do we address ways to improve biodiversity opportunities within a given site but we also have a growing portfolio of projects in which we have provided biodiversity audits. These include local authorities and other landowners who are interested in understanding the current habitats within wildlife sites/SINCs and other greenspaces under their control.

As well as habitat mapping, we give an objective assessment of the condition of these habitats (using condition assessments associated with the DEFRA Biodiversity Metric v4.0) and highlight opportunities for enhancement. These audits, as well as providing a habitat baseline, also provide a useful reference point for Biodiversity Net Gain assessments and biodiversity monitoring, and linking to emerging Local Policy objectives. Our work is accompanied by detailed mapping and evidence to help identify green corridors and linkages.

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Project Examples

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Newnham college building update

Replacement of outdated buildings and tree works

The world famous Cambridge backs

Biodiversity assessment of The Backs

Council Biodiversity Strategy

Haringey Council

We have undertaken biodiversity audits for:

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