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At MKA Ecology we have extensive experience of situations where bird populations are a factor in development.

Whether it is arable, coastal, montane or urban habitat, birds may be resident, breeding, overwintering or passing through on migration routes. We aim to use our knowledge and expertise to provide you with cost-effective and sustainable solutions, which minimise delay, ensure legal compliance and, where possible, offer biodiversity enhancement.
Our team members, who have particular expertise in ornithology can offer:

Our services include:

  • Breeding and wintering bird surveys and bespoke site assessment
  • Survey and assessment of wind energy developments, including collision risk analysis
  • Design of methodologies, population assessments and monitoring programmes
  • Targeted bird species surveys such as Barn Owl or Black Redstart
  • Mitigation strategies for development
  • Design, creation and enhancement of habitat

Project Examples

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Bebbington marsh habitat

Long term monitoring, Habitat Creation and Restoration

Ecological assessments for wind energy projects

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Seasonal timing of surveys can be critical – for more information see our

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