Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

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The cornerstone of the MKA Ecology offer is the preliminary ecological appraisal, or PEA.

At the start of your project you need to establish what ecological constraints and opportunities, if any, are on your site. The PEA is your starting point – the sooner the better – so that any seasonal constraints can be managed. If further Phase 2 surveys for specific protected species are required, they might need to be carried out at very specific times of year. See our survey planner for more information on this. The MKA team have carried out hundreds of PEAs on sites as diverse as old cement quarries and city centre parks. As well as carrying out the site assessment, we ensure that we understand your proposals for the development of the land.

You receive an email of our headline findings within 24 hours of our site visit and our detailed, but concise and easily digested report, within 10 working days. MKA Ecology reports are client focussed, with an executive summary and clearly set out recommendations for further actions, if any. Clarity is achieved with the use of digitized maps. Our reports are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and are accepted by planning authorities nationwide.

Project Examples

Find out more about MKA Ecology’s experience of preliminary ecological appraisal

New residential developments

Disused quarry transformed into housing

ecological impact assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment

Expanding or extending a building may require an ecology survey

Extension of student accommodation at St Catherine’s College, Oxford

Small barn conversion

Replacement of existing dwelling

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