This summer the MKA team undertook a bioblitz of a site we had been involved in a couple of years ago. We had helped to transform a relict arable field into a diversity-rich and pollinator-friendly meadow and lake. Our client was delighted with the outcome and we suggested the team undertake a socially-distanced bioblitz to study the impact on the species density of the site. The results would be recorded and enable long term monitoring of the biodiversity of the site.

Counts of birds and insects were impressive with particularly notable results including 18 separate species of butterfly, including Purple Hairstreak and White-letter Hairstreak, and 108 species of plant. These numbers are higher than their equivalents at some well-known nature reserves! We are fortunate to be able to carry out field visits during these difficult times. Spending time in the field and training junior team members is very rewarding. Seeing the finished results of our recommendations and biodiversity management plans is also hugely satisfying. Our client and the team here consider this to be a job well done.

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