Large scale translocation of Great Crested Newts for Anglian Water

newt environments

The brief

Rutland Water is one of Europe’s largest man-made reservoirs and a Special Protection Area (SPA). Forecast increased extraction of treated water meant that new wildfowl lagoons were required as an alternative wintering feeding habitat for wildfowl, during periods of lowered water levels. The proposed footprint of these new lagoons covered several farmland ponds.

MKA Ecology was commissioned to undertake surveys for great crested newts within the footprint of the new conservation area and to carry out any necessary mitigation work.

What did we do?

Several great crested newt breeding ponds were identified, as well as suitable terrestrial habitat.

To mitigate for the loss of these ponds and habitat MKA Ecology designed and, working with the local Wildlife Trust, created a suitable receptor site on the nearby Egleton Nature Reserve.

Following a successful European Protected Species licence application MKA Ecology began isolating and trapping the great crested newts which were potentially affected the development.

Trapping success was very high – more than 500 great crested newts were translocated.

All the ponds were then drained and searched to ensure that no individuals were overlooked.

Monitoring at the Egleton Nature Reserve receptor site over several years demonstrated that the great crested newts thrived in the new habitat.

What was the outcome for the client?

Efficient and effective delivery of our services, combined with a creative solution meant that the client could factor the ecological requirements on site into the project’s master plans, minimising delay and cost and enabling sustainable development.

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What our clients said

MKA Ecology showed a great understanding of balancing ecological considerations with the build process.

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