Biodiversity Assessment of The Backs, Cambridge for the Backs Committee

The backs, Cambridge

The brief

The Backs Committee, representing the Cambridge Colleges which back directly onto the famous greenspace, commissioned a biodiversity assessment and a management plan. The plan would outline a vision for The Backs which drew upon and incorporated the rich and unique history of the landscape to create a coherent, biodiverse green corridor through the centre of Cambridge.

What did we do?

MKA Ecology undertook desktop studies, comprehensive field studies and consultation with stakeholders, including Cambridge City Council, local records centres, local natural history groups and onsite staff. Our aim was to identify protected and notable species and habitats and specify the relevant local and national policies and targets. In our assessment we set out evidence and potential for protected species or species of conservation concern as well as invasive species. We identified opportunities for biodiversity enhancements across the area and prepared an ecological vision map for The Backs.

What was the outcome for the client?

Our comprehensive assessment gave the Committee the benchmark from which to plan the future of The Backs. With detailed maps to illustrate our findings, we ensured clarity and ease of understanding. Tabulated recommendations facilitated further discussion by the Committee and straightforward allocation of tasks and responsibilities among the individual Colleges.

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What our clients said

MKA have a strong client focus and are always ready to discuss not only how proposals can be delivered without compromising ecological value but also how enhancements can be introduced. We have no hesitation in recommending MKA Ecology.

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